26th June 24

Paper Collective x Wendelbo at 3 Days of Design

For this year's 3 Days of Design festival, Paper Collective and Wendelbo presented a collaborative exhibition at the Danish furniture brands new showroom in the heart of Copenhagen. This exhibition provided a platform to showcase the talents of both emerging and established designers working across both brand catalogues and between furniture and art.⁠


21st June 24

Studiopepe presents Clayworks

Studiopepe presented their latest collection of artworks for Paper Collective as part of the exhibition "From Object to Art". Titled Clayworks, the series of four works transports the designers clay models from three dimensions to two.


21st May 24

Jonna Valtner - Capturing Simple Moments

Paper Collective chatted with Stockholm based designer and artist Jonna Valtner to talk about her use of colour and medium, and how she utilises composition and cropping to create unique emotions within her work.


13th May 24

The Artist Muse - Cities of Basketball

Basketball turned from a passion into a profession for Danish multi-disciplinary designer Kasper Nyman. Capturing some of his favourite basketball courts from around the world has translated into his own designed courts here in Copenhagen and beyond. We chatted with Kasper about what first sparked his love for the game and his favourite photograph for Paper Collective.


6th May 24

Liat Greenberg and the Sights of Spring

The work of Stockholm based artist Liat Greenberg is characterised by the haze of the sun’s glow. Fresh fruit and flowers merge through the use of watercolour’s and pastels, resulting in a practice that borders on the abstract. We talked to Liat about the feeling stirred up in spring and her love for each medium she works with.


29th April 24

The Artist Muse - Humans Are Weird

Inspired by the sights, sounds and characters she comes across on her daily commute, the work of London based artist May Watson exudes honesty and wit. In ode of the unexpected and the bizarre, we took Humans are Weird on a trip around Copenhagen, and spoke with May about what makes mundane moments so interesting.


23rd April 24

Akuart x Paper Collective - Combining Function and Beauty

We visited our close collaborative partners at Akuart in Copenhagen’s thriving Nordhavn district. We discussed where and how to incorporate acoustic products within the home and office, and what makes Akuart’s Imagine collection in collaboration with Paper Collective the perfect mix of function and beauty.


16th April 24

The Striking Photography of Minh T

Known for his stunning architectural compositions, Lisbon based photographer Minh T has a seemingly endless catalogue of stunning images that are striking and graphic yet contain warmth and a humanistic focal point. We chatted with Minh to discover more about his practice and his favourite art print for Paper Collective.


27th March 24

Art wall - Colourful

Get inspired by this colourful art wall. Brighten up your space with our vibrant collection! Mix and match styles with bright colours and add one or more coloured frames for that last pop.


30th November 23

Restaurant JATAK x Paper Collective

JATAK has carved a name for itself within the Copenhagen dining scene for its open nature, friendly atmosphere and uncompromising approach to food that mixes cultures and ingredients. We sat down with husband-and-wife team Sarah and Jonathan to talk about harnessing their diversity as an asset, creating a home away from home, and how art can enhance a dining experience at JATAK.


4th October 23

At Home With - Eunhye Grace Kim

For our next addition to Paper Collective’s At Home series, we travelled all the way to Seoul in South Korea, visiting content creator Eunhye Grace Kim. We chatted about her love of soft minimalism, Seoul’s hidden secrets and her background in the fashion and textile industry.


21st September 23

Handcrafted Paper Art with Better Weather

Founded in Copenhagen in 2020, Better Weather produces unique-state pieces: furniture, interiors and objects for life. The studio is grounded in sustainability – reincarnating and barely taming our planetary debris – each piece is started with a desire to work with materials sourced from factory bi-products or industrial and urban waste. The studio works purely with commercial scalable materials, sourced from post-production materials.


20th September 23

Studio Visit: Lolita Pelegrime

To mark her first collection of works for Paper Collective, we visited the studio of Copenhagen-based, Lithuanian born artist Lolita Pelegrime. We spoke to her about how her youth in Lithuania has shapes her practice, the beauty of simple moments with friends, and how she builds up each composition.


4th September 23

Alfredo Häberli's limited editions

This is the first time the world-renowned designer makes his art available and we are honoured to present it exclusively at Paper Collective as his series of limited edition art prints launches. Each of the five Studio Life art prints is available in a limited run of 30 Giclee quality prints on 265g. Fine Art Cotton paper.


31st August 23

With Signe Hytte Behind The Scenes

To celebrate the launch of Paper Collective’s first collaboration with Danish designer Signe Hytte, we visited her studio within the historic Frederiksgade 1 building in the heart of Copenhagen. We discussed her practice and the elements that unite her physical work with this first foray into print art.


26th June 23

City Guide: Monterrey with Berenice Hernandez

The Paper Collective city guides sees a local city or area through one of our artists. This time with Berenice Hernandez in Monterrey, Mexico.


22nd June 23

Silence and Beauty with Acoustic Art

Tired of bad acoustics in your home, office or somewhere else? Welcome to a world of beauty and silence.


24th May 23

Surreal Everyday Scenery

With the release of their first collection of art prints for Paper Collective, we caught up with Julie Sommer – the woman leading the female owned Danish art studio Misfitting Things. We talked about how her background in the toy industry helps fuel a sense of play within their work and how they combine AI with a mix of digital and hands-on processes.


2nd May 23

At Home With Annie Samples

In this article we visit Annie Samples, a content creator, a mother and and inspirational explorer of Danish culture and our shared home town of Copenhagen. Join us for a chat with Annie about her favorite parts of living in Copenhagen, Danish culture, living a balanced family life and get inspired by her beautiful Copenhagen home.


24th April 23

Minimalistic graphic art by Nina Bruun

We visit Copenhagen creative Nina Bruun to talk about inspiration and her art print works for Paper Collective. We'll discuss how she finds inspiration in the little things and get a glimpse inside her beautiful studio and work process.


15th March 23

At Home With: The design sanctuary of Cecilie Noer

A trip to the home of singer, interior designer and product designer Cecilie Noer marks the first in a series of features on people within the Paper Collective creative community. Artists, musicians, designers and other inspirational people who have shaped their homes and lives with their own particular creative flare.


30th January 23

Graphic Crafted Art by Berit Mogensen Lopez

Come along as we visit Berit Mogensen Lopez in her Copenhagen studio and get exclusive insight into the creative process of the textile designer, print-maker and artist who beautifully balances geometry and abstraction in her works for Paper Collective.


24th January 23

Capturing the moments with Ana Popescu

Join us as we visit Ana Popescu in her studio to talk about her art print series for Paper Collective, her hometown Vienna and the beauty of the passing everyday moments that she captures in her art.


19th January 23

Art between abstraction and figuration

Deeply connected with the colours, materials and motifs of her Mediterranean heritage, Marseille-based artist Avrandinis produces work that lies between abstraction and figuration.


30th November 22

The Mystery of Mae Studio

Mae Studio is the artistic project and pseudonym of an anonymous Paper Collective artist. The flowing abstractions and rich painted textures create soft geometric compositions that are almost sculptural elements on the wall.


23rd November 22

A playground for art

We caught up with Morten Kaaber, founder here at Paper Collective, to hear about why he started the company, where Morten gets inspiration and what his hopes are for the coming year.


16th November 22

Inspired by Nature

Get to know our artists in this series of studio visits and artist interviews. In this episode, say hello to Berenice Hernandez, a Mexican artist from Monterrey as she is interviewed by our creative projects and curation manager Nikolai Kotlarczyk.


9th September 22

Shaped Through the Movement

As one of our new collaborative artists, Of Atoms & Lines featured in our fall/winter collection with her unique conceptual imagination. Combining minimal aesthetics through an explorative process she questions the idea of reality.  With a background in architecture and design, Of Atoms & Lines combines different techniques to produce artwork inspired by physical and mathematical concepts. In this article, she answered a few questions to give us a better picture of her artistic profile and introduce her work to Paper Collective's collaborative family.


26th August 22

Discover our new Fall Collection

Paper Collective is committed to creating a space in which its collaborative artists can express and explore their creativity. The Fall 2022 collection is an ode to this with eclectic styles, mediums and approaches to form giving that is a testament to the diversity in the backgrounds of the artists.


17th June 22

Colour and form take centre stage - Studiopepe x Paper Collective

Paper Collective is proud to present Il sistema degli oggetti, a new collaboration with the internationally acclaimed, multi-disciplinary Milan based practice Studiopepe. With the launch, Paper Collective joins the company of a large group of international design brands which have collaborated with Studiopepe such as Fritz Hansen and Fendi.


3rd May 22

The hypnotizing meetings between man & machine

Paris based artist and industrial designer; Arnaud Pfeffer has just launched his first series for Paper Collective. Trained as an industrial designer, Arnaud has worked with all types of product design and development. In his day job he became captivated by the manufacturing process. This sparked a passion to explore the meeting between hand drawing and machine precision which he has mastered into a beautiful artform. We met the artist in Paris to talk about his artistry.


1st April 22

SOLSTORM - a powerful photo exhibition

Paper Collective and Fatamorgana presents SOLSTORM a group exhibition made by nine students from Fatamorgana. The Copenhagen exhibition draws inspiration from solar storms as a natural phenomenon. The result is a strong photo exhibition with stills as well as moving pictures.


10th March 22

Analogue photography to get lost in

We met up with the dark room photographer who has turned grainy black and white observations into an artform to talk to him about his inspiration and why he chooses the analogue art form.


8th March 22

How to create an art wall

Creating an art wall is a great way to bring your home to life but it can seem like a difficult task to take on. Paper Collective has created a step-by-step guide on how to create an art wall that suits you, your home, and your artwork. Our guide includes where to find inspiration, which tools you need and how to hang your art work. Read our guide here.