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Berglind Rögnvaldsdottir(IS)

Berglind Rögnvaldsdóttir is a contemporary artist who works mainly within photography. Berglind was born in 1985 and raised in Reykjavik, Iceland. She currently resides in Oslo, Norway. Berglind’s work is characterised by a feminine, sometimes dreamlike feel, usually informed by the female gaze approach. Her works are intended to challenge the internal patriarchy and the way people encounter visual representation of women. Berglind has previously tackled issues such as the female nipple, the #metoo campaign, medias obsession with sexualizing the female body and motherhood. Being a native Icelander she has a strong attachment and deeply rooted respect for nature, working directly with mother earth as a way to confront gender and sexuality politics, it serves as a metaphor to the idea of what is natural.

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