Studiopepe presents Clayworks

21st June 24 - By Nikolai Kotlarczyk, Writer

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Studiopepe presented their latest collection of artworks for Paper Collective as part of the exhibition "From Object to Art". Titled Clayworks, the series of four works transports the designers clay models from three dimensions to two.

The Milanese designers Studiopepe return to with a follow up to their much loved SDO series with four new artworks for Paper Collective. Rich with texture created from blotched ink on paper, the forms reference their sculptural studies into three dimensional forms.

Clayworks is a series of four artworks with forms inspired by Studiopepe's use of clay and ceramics throughout their design process. Translated through ink in combinations of black, blue and red, the series combines these mottled textures with bold, yet soft organic forms. Presetnted as part of Paper Collective's exhibition "From Object to Art", the collection was displayed alongside the designers physical works in marble, produced by Italian editor Bloc Studios.