Studio Visit: Lolita Pelegrime

20th September 23 - By Nikolai Kotlarczyk, Artist Relations Manager

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To mark her first collection of works for Paper Collective, we visited the studio of Copenhagen-based, Lithuanian born artist Lolita Pelegrime. We spoke to her about how her youth in Lithuania has shapes her practice, the beauty of simple moments with friends, and how she builds up each composition.

Simple everyday moments carry the beauty of simplicity.

Lolita Pelegrime

NK: Hi Lolita. The first thing I notice when looking at your first collection of works for Paper Collective is the beautiful textures you create. Can you tell me about how you build up your work and your approach to colour and texture?

Thank you for your kind remarks, so nice of you to notice all the details. In this collection for Paper Collective, I took a focused approach to color that was synchronized with my current creative phase. During this period, I found myself drawn by shades of blue, which seemed to dominate my artistic vision at that time and when it comes to building up my paintings, I experiment with various techniques like palette knife strokes, big brush, tiny brush or impasto technique to create textures and bring my art to life.

NK: Can you take us inside some of the everyday moments that inspired these four works?

Sure! Two of the paintings capture stolen moments from a dimly lit, smokey bar in Copenhagen. The other two works are moments that accrued in sunny summer days. I remember both times spotting the perfect scene while talking to my friends, asking them to remain still as I create the “perfect” composition for the painting that I could already see forming in my mind.

NK: What is it about the simple, everyday moments that inspires you to capture and document them?

LP: The reason I'm drawn to capturing and documenting simple, everyday moments is that they carry the beauty of simplicity, which feels to me like meditative poetry. Additionally, my art school training and my childhood placed a strong emphasis on guiding me to always pay close attention to details, allowing me to concentrate on my painting techniques at the same time.

NK: Can you tell us about your heritage and growing up in Lithuania and how these moments stick with you through your art practice?

LP: My background in Lithuania strongly influences my art. Growing up, I was surrounded by strong women who were both caring and artistic, whether in music or visual art. Our resources were limited in the absence of a free market, so we learned to be creative and find clever solutions to everyday problems. A central place for us was the small kitchen in our Soviet-built home. Despite its size, it was where all the significant conversations and preparations would take place, and everyone somehow would gather and fit in that tiny kitchen while making food, laughing, gossiping, having a glass of wine and exchanging ideas and memories. This experience has had a profound impact on me. It taught me the power of connection, creativity, and the joy of shared moments. These memories, along with the strength of the women I admired, deeply shape and are still shaping my artistic practice.

What attracted you to working with Paper Collective and what do you see your work adding to their collection?

LP: I was attracted in collaborating with Paper Collective for a few key reasons. I'm really fond of the Paper Collective’s visual format and the amazing artists they are showcasing. It's a true privilege to have the chance to work with them. From my perspective, I believe that my paintings will introduce a new visual dimension to their collection, because of the way I approach painting.

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