SOLSTORM - a powerful photo exhibition

1st April 22 - By Elin Jonsson, Marketing Manager

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Paper Collective and Fatamorgana presents SOLSTORM a group exhibition made by nine students from Fatamorgana. The Copenhagen exhibition draws inspiration from solar storms as a natural phenomenon. The result is a strong photo exhibition with stills as well as moving pictures.

At Paper Collective we want to create a playground for art.

Morten Kaaber

Paper Collective joins forces with the acclaimed photo school for the first time this spring. Founder Morten Kaaber explains: “At Paper Collective we want to create a playground for art. A space for creatives from a range of backgrounds to connect, collaborate and create. That is why we are excited to show the works of these talented students.” Fatamorgana, The Danish Photographic School of Visual Arts, works of with photographic imagery through stills as well as moving pictures. The school prioritizes every student’s individual artistic voice. “The students of Fatamorgana have put together an impactful exhibition of artworks which works great together under the theme solar storm but at the same time they are strong enough to stand alone.” Kaaber continues.

Within the exhibition SOLSTORM Fatamorgana examines the possible force, disturbances, and consequences of a solar storm through their visual language. The room is an intense photography and motion picture experience, combined with a soundscape that investigates fragments of an endangered world. The artworks range widely in expression, method, and concept. Each wall of the room mirrors the student’s interpretation of a “before” and “after”, while the sound from the four speakers connected to the videos fill the room and merge the visual works of art as one coherent universe.

Solar’ and ‘storm’ are in and of themselves contrasting words. They reflect scorching heat but also a cool threatening force.

A solar storm is a stream of charged particles transmitted from the sun that can cause geomagnetic disturbance when interacting with the earth's magnetosphere. Larger solar storms are capable of destroying satellites, interfering with radio communication and causing large power outages. The largest solar storm recorded was in 1859 and caused aurora to spread worldwide. ‘Solar’ and ‘storm’ are contrasting words. They reflect scorching heat but also a cool threatening force.

Participating in the exhibition are: Alma Egeskov, Maj Camilla Pedersen, Carla Krøger, Emilia Marienlund Klint, Esben Sloth, Sylvía Birkiland, Søren Katborg-Vestergaard, Gustav Jørgensen and Anna Trosko.

The exhibition opens on May 6 with exhibition opening on May 5 at 16.00 in Paper Collective’s art space at Studiestræde 3 in central Copenhagen.


Paper Collective

Studiestræde 3, 1455 Copenhagen


Opening hours: 10-15 or by appointment

The exhibition is open from May 6 until May 16.


Solstorm collection

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