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24th April 23 - By Staff writer, Paper Collective

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We visit Copenhagen creative Nina Bruun to talk about inspiration and her art print works for Paper Collective. We'll discuss how she finds inspiration in the little things and get a glimpse inside her beautiful studio and work process.

Nina Bruun is a Danish designer educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Design.

As a designer gone industry professional, Nina has carved out a niche on the Nordic design scene as a leading source on interior trends, color knowledge and design forecasting.

Nina has received a Red Dot Design Award and has her work in the permanent collection at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York.

There are no limits to where to look for inspiration - it’s all about keeping your eyes and mind open.

Nina Bruun

How do you find inspiration?

It sounds like the biggest cliché but I look for inspiration everywhere. Especially when I travel and experience new cultures. But honestly I get inspired by the people I meet, the colours of the city, architecture, fashion, books, food and so on. There are no limits to where to look for inspiration - it’s all about keeping your eyes and mind open.

Please explain how you work with the art print medium - perhaps compared to when you work with product, furniture or spatial design?

The creative process fully depends on the project. If we’re talking product design it depends on whether it’s a predefined project (coming from a brief) or a product I'm pitching to a client. But roughly put - if it’s a predefined product - I do a lot of research, narrow down the needs and then start to sketch, both mentally and on paper. From there the project is taken to 3D modeling and prototyping. Working with print media the process is often shaped by more artistic approaches and the concepts are born from ideas, a desire to express and create an atmosphere - the fact that function is not the main purpose gives you freedom in the process.

At Paper Collective we have worked with Nina Bruun since 2018. You can find the current selection of Nina's work below.

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