Handcrafted Paper Art with Better Weather

21st September 23 - By Morten Kaaber,

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Founded in Copenhagen in 2020, Better Weather produces unique-state pieces: furniture, interiors and objects for life. The studio is grounded in sustainability – reincarnating and barely taming our planetary debris – each piece is started with a desire to work with materials sourced from factory bi-products or industrial and urban waste. The studio works purely with commercial scalable materials, sourced from post-production materials.

Fused in the collaboration of Anne Werner and Kasper Lynge – with past lives in fashion, surface design, printmaking and contemporary art – Better Weather’s interdisciplinary practice navigates an abiding investigation of form and an urban social/cultural context that demands more from design than anonymity, passivity, and the nervous echoes of the modern.

We work purely with materials that are to be discarded. We apply both post-consume and post-production waste in our works.

Better Weather

New Compositions for Paper Collective

Based on the deconstruction and upcycling of discontinued or discarded Paper Collective art prints, Better Weather creates sculptural paper collages with depth and flow that captivates the viewer.

Constructed by hand, the collection references Japanese paper art, mid-century modernism while maintaining something umistakably "Better-Weather"-esque.

Each artwork is unique, signed by Better Weather and carefully framed with museum glass. 40x50 cm.

Available for purchase through the links below.

We seek to transform this waste of low status material into design objects.

Better Weather

Chubby Project; A collaboration with the Swedish furniture production company DirektLaminat. Chubby Project utilizes DirektLaminat's own surplus materials, transforming them into, new designs instead of contributing to waste production. Photo By Lea Jessen

Transformer collection 2023; A collaboration with the kitchen company &shufl, Transformers designs are made to fit the standard sizes of kitchen fronts. When dismantling a kitchen the old fronts can be turned in to new designs. Photo By Lea Jessen

Patina Chair; 2022 winner of Wallpaper Design Awards - Best Material Innovation. Photo By Frey Rosenstjerne

Handmade Originals

New Compositions by Better Weather