Graphic Crafted Art by Berit Mogensen Lopez

30th January 23 - By Nikolai Kotlarczyk, Creative Projects Manager

Artist Portraits

Come along as we visit Berit Mogensen Lopez in her Copenhagen studio and get exclusive insight into the creative process of the textile designer, print-maker and artist who beautifully balances geometry and abstraction in her works for Paper Collective.

With her studio situated in the vibrant Islands Brygge neighborhood of Copenhagen, Berit Mogensen Lopez has long been honing her craft across disciplines, industries, techniques and materials. The result is a catalogue of work that speaks to her inquisitive experimental approach to colour and form – never more evident than her latest collection for Paper Collective.

Trained as a textile designer, Lopez’ back catalogue includes fabrics and rugs, lamps and stoneware for some of Europe’s leading design companies. This multi-faceted approach to her craft has extended into her artwork; painting, drawing, tearing, smudging, playing – this is where she finds her creative freedom to keep producing new work that pushes her own design language.

I find strength in alternating between the stringent and the more sensuous and organic.

Berit Mogensen Lopez

NK: Berit, please tell me about your latest series of art for Paper Collective: Painted Shapes

Berit: They are characterized by strong compositions, soft shapes and a sense of calmness.

I wanted to create a series of paintings on canvas focusing on simple compositions of soft and delimited shapes where one senses a layer beneath the finished composition. I was also inspired by the textures of the painted surfaces.

‘Within my work I have the opportunity to experiment with varying materials and techniques, which is reflected within the diversity of my expressions."

NK: What is your favourite medium to work with and why?

Berit: As much as I love to work with all kinds of mediums, my favourite is paining – not least mixing the colours and the whole process of creating composition of abstract shapes and layers. I like this slow process and to go with the flow, without having a clear and finished plan for the result – being intuitive and open to inspiration from the medium.

NK: Where do you see your work featured within a home?

Berit: In a nice living room with a great mix of both designed and recycled furniture. Or in the kitchen where people spend their everyday life, enjoying dinner with friends and family.

NK: What does Paper Collective mean to you?

Berit: Paper Collective for me means colourful, playful and innovative.

Years spent combining, separating and playing with colour are evident throughout Berit's artworks for Paper Collective. From rich layered textures to single lines, watercolours and almost bauhaus like compositions, her work has impressive variety but maintains a coherence through the quality of Berit's craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

See all Berit's work for Paper Collective below:

Berit Mogensen Lopez

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